Hockridge Farms


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We are a third and fourth generation cattle farm with over 25 years in the Limousin business.

Our first involvement with this cattle breed was when we purchased a bull to cross with our mainly Hereford cows. We were so impressed with the breed that we made the decision to get more involved and in 1982/1983 we became members of the Canadian Limousin Association and the Manitoba Limousin Association.

We started our business by purchasing a number of Limousin bred cows which in Manitoba and through the use of Artificial Insemination (AI) we improved our genetics and increased our herd to over 100 registered cows and 500 to 600 commercial cows. We have a closed herd so the use of AI works well for us. We AI 40 to 50 head per year. Specific traits we look for in bulls include: polled, docile and deep, long easy calvers.

Our animals are red and black in color and mainly polled. We sell yearling and two year old bulls and bred heifers off the farm. Our heifer and steer calves are usually sold to our local auction mart, although we do also sell them through internet sales (Team auction sales).

We feed our cattle hay and silage including corn, barley, alfalfa, and fall rye in the winter months. Our animals are on a mineral program and are hormone free. They are also fully vaccinated.